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When to Get Scheduled Maintenance?

Unsure about how often your automobile needs maintenance?

Diesel engines are powerful, built to withstand rigorous demands and last for hundreds of thousands of miles. When it’s time for your next diesel service, only the highest level of experience will keep you driving at your best. We only use factory parts and fluids. This is what you’ll get at Cleary Automotive, where our knowledgeable specialists are trained to complete diesel service on HEUI or COMMON RAIL systems.

diesel repair

No matter how well your treat your diesel truck, such maintenance should not be ignored. Our facility is equipped to conduct all diesel service with honesty, integrity and reliability. Sometimes you won’t even be aware that something is wrong with your vehicle until it’s too late! If you come to us for regular maintenance, we’ll be able to catch problems sooner than if you do your routine maintenance with someone different each time.

At Cleary Automotive, we build a preventative maintenance program specific to your vehicle and driving habits. We use the most up to date and state of the art diagnostic equipment to properly assess each vehicle because it’s important to identify, diagnose, and properly repair and issues that your vehicle may be experiencing. Your vehicle is a big investment and a purchase you can rely on for years if you take care of it the right way and invest in appropriate upkeep and maintenance. In other words, you need to have maintenance performed on your automobile at various times, as outlined by your manufacturer. Regular maintenance helps ensure the safety, reliability, drivability, comfort and longevity of your car or truck.


Watch this short video, pdf, and ask yourself, does your current service center do this?

These are two service areas that are often missed.

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Here is a cutaway of Fords 6.7 power stroke engine. As you can see there are a lot of parts that can be effected by lack of maintenance.

diesel repair
diesel repair


Diagnostics and drivability concerns on the sophisticated vehicles of today cannot be truly diagnosed without the use of factory equipment. That’s why here at Cleary Automotive we use only factory scan tools and equipment. We are a FORD specialty shop, so we use Ford’s (IDS) Diagnostic software, VMM, VCM1 and VCM2 hardware to achieve this. We specialize in one manufacture for a reason. So, we can fix the vehicle the first time.

diesel repair
diesel repair

We have what you need at the most effective costs guaranteed with the quality. At Cleary Automotive we focus on lightweight and medium duty diesel trucks. We know that an extended down-time is just not a solution. We’ll make sure to provide the fastest turn-around whereas maintaining on our high standard of customer satisfaction.

Whether you have a check engine light on, you want to increase performance or simply need routine maintenance, you can feel at ease knowing you have skilled and experienced technicians who have years of combined experience making ford Power stroke engines perform like new again. Our technicians are specially trained to diagnose, fix and repair almost any issue that you have with your Ford Power stroke engine.

As a FORD and Power Stroke specialist, we find that the 6.0L Power Stroke has developed a bad reputation as a result of three main issues; failing Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) coolers, head gasket and pattern-failures of the Engine Oil Cooler. The primary of those problems is literally interconnected, and each can be attributed to failures of the oil cooler. 6.0L Power Stroke owners know they will want reliable diagnoses and repair the first time. It all starts with maintenance or lack of maintenance.